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Diamond shruumz is a mushroom chocolate brand based out of California. It has collection of both mushroom chocolates and gummies. The Diamond Shruumz  Bars are made from the  diamond shruumz chocolate. 

Diamond shruumz gummies are one of the first names that come to mind when you think about shruumz gummies. We at diamond shroomz decided to create a brand that could stand the test of time. The diamond shrooms were released in 2019 and quickly rose to popularity.


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diamond shruumz gummies

Diamond Shruumz Gummies

Diamond shruumz gummies are  shruumz gummies from us the Diamond Shruumz family. Our team is always looking to innovate and push the envelope when it comes to the mushroom industry and that’s exactly why we created the diamond shruumz gummies. Unlike other shruumz chocolate brands that only release a few gummies flavors, We decided to release gummies collection that can match the shruumz chocolate bars. So if you’re not a chocolate lover, then you should enjoy our shruumz gummies. Rest assured, whether you decided on our diamond shruumz chocolate or diamond shruumz gummies there is no drop in potency and you should expect the same results with just different flavors.

Diamond Shruumz Chocolate

Diamond shruumz chocolate, carefully crafted with the finest shruumz chocolate, are a significant upgrade in both taste and potency compared to their predecessors. It is our unwavering mission to deliver the pinnacle of excellence in the shruumz chocolate industry, and we have truly achieved that with our Diamond shruums collection. Our shruumz chocolate are definitely more potent and can compete with some of the best mushroom bars such as the polkadot, mycrochips chocolate to name a few.
The effects of the diamond shuums are quite similar to that from other mushroom chocolates. However, what makes diamond shrooms unique is the potency of the strains used while making our chocolate bars. It is guaranteed to have you passed out on the couch. With our shroom chocolate and shroom cones, you are guaranteed to have a trip that is out of this world

Shruumz Chocolate Brand

The shruumz chocolate is a California based brand. It started out at the tail end of 2022 when the founder had a dream to create the perfect mushroom chocolate bar. This was due to the below standard bars that had nearly taken the lives of both him and a close buddy.  After taken a careful look at what was found in the market at that time, he came to the conclusion that one of the key things missing in the mushroom chocolate industry was transparency. Many top brands didn’t provide information about the mushrooms used, the quantity used and even other ingredients. This is extremely risky, especially in an industry like the mushroom chocolate one.

The diamond shruumz brand had a mission and sort out to solve it. They started off by opening up their own farm where they grow mushrooms such as albino penis envy mushrooms, golden teacher mushrooms and a few more. They then sourced out the highest quality couverture belgian chocolate. All this led to the creation of one of the most sort after mushroom chocolate brands that we currently have in the market. In 2022, they released their line of shruumz chocolate bar which was swiftly followed by the launch of their shruumz gummies

Last year was an amazing one for diamond shruumz brand as they took home the award for the best upcoming shroom chocolate brand. The team is definitely not slowing down in 2024 as they are scheduled to release even more flavors of chocolates and diamond shruumz gummies.

Shruumz Chocolates

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Shruumz Gummies

Browse through our collection of mushroom gummies

Dosing with Shruumz Chocolates

The whole goal behind diamond shruumz is to provide safety while consuming mushroom chocolates to reduce the bad image that many of these fake brands and knock offs have created. Hence, to ensure that micro dosing with our shruumz chocolates is safe and to guarantee that our loyal customers have their best experience with our mushroom chocolates the team decided to produce a comprehensive guide on how to consume this shruumz mushroom bars appropriately.

Micro: This is usually between 1 – 3 pieces and is the perfect dosage for beginners. This dosage causes light stimulation and you can just feel the magic mushrooms working.

Therapeutic: This is generally between 3 – 7 pieces. This dosage is for more experienced mushroom users. It is at this level that you start to experience psychedelic trips and mild hallucinations. If it is your first time consuming this much then your advised to have a friend with you when you try it out.

Shamanic: This is generally between 7 – 12 pieces. This dosage is for those with a lot of experience with mushrooms. At this point you will experience full body hallucinations and complete mind fuck.


How Does Shruumz Chocolate Benefit You?

There are so many benefits to consuming diamond shruumz and diamond shruumz gummies. We will just provide you with a few benefits of our shroom bar so you should know why to pick us over other mushroom brands.

  1. Increased Energy Levels: Our chocolates help to boost energy levels and even increase creativity levels
  2. Combats Insomnia: Our diamond shruumz bars are great for those suffering from insomnia and improves their sleep drastically.
  3. Combats Anxiety & Stress: Our sruumz bars help to reduce stress and anxiety levels due to their soothing effects.
  4. Improved Mood: We have received a lot of testimonials from our loyal customers on the positive impacts our chocolates have had on them. One client said it always put him in a happy and joyous mood.

These are just a few reasons why you should consume our products. If you have any other questions or doubts, feel free to contact us. We are always available to answer any questions you have.

Diamond Shruumz Cones

We are the first brand with not just a chocolate and gummies collection but also a line of mushroom cones. Refresh your senses with our shruumz cones today

What people say

Diamond shruumz is definitely one of the best mushroom chocolates out there. It has helped me so much with my anxiety and insomnia
Julia Keys
I was a little skeptical placing an order online but was pleasantly surprised when I got my package a day before. Will Definitely recommend!!!
Richard Durgan
Excellent product & top notch customer service. Their team was very patient to answer all the questions I had. Diamond shruumz gummy's are the best.
Pete Anderson
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